How to make your own outdoor furniture cushions

Ever seen a cushion so bright, colorful, and fluffy that you just feel like buying it immediately? What if you could make your own fluffy and customized set of outdoor pillows, tailored just to your tastes and decor? You can decorate your patio or your balconies with these DIY cushions. Here’s what you’ll need: – […]

Range Cushions-What you need to know

Change is the only constant, and this applies to cushions as well. With time, cushions too have evolved. The first use of the word “cushion” dates back to the 14th Century. Chinese and Egyptian history tells us about them and their usage. Through years of evolution, cushions have been modified more and more, and now […]

The incredible range from the Range Cushions

Cushions these days come in a mind-blowing range of varieties. And you will be spoilt for choice while checking out The Range cushions. Specifically, toss cushion itself comes in a number of variations. Because of its comfy size and numerous shapes, it can be divided into many categories depending on the patterns, colors and materials. […]