Five most popular apps for real time flight tracking

If you are a frequent flyer, then you would probably prefer to have an app on your mobile phone that tracks the details of a plane landing or taking off. These real-time flight tracking apps can be helpful in transit situations where you have to run to board the next flight. Here are some apps […]

4 avenues for real-time aircraft tracking

If you have an active internet connection, then you have the access to real-time aircraft tracking. The plane could be anywhere in the world and you would be able to track it from the comfort of your living room. Real-time aircraft tracking helps you in deciding when you would leave home if you have the […]

4 popular apps for tracking interstate traffic conditions

Being stuck on the interstate highway due to traffic can be a tremendously maddening experience. But you can effectively avert this situation by using navigation apps projecting real-time interstate traffic conditions. The most prominent advantage of being aware of the interstate traffic conditions is that it can help you save a lot of time. This […]

How does satellite navigation work?

To understand the various applications of satellite navigation better, it is necessary to understand how a satellite based navigation system works. Eschewing all high-tech details, an attempt to explain the fundamentals in a layman’s language is certainly a tall order. This write up is based on the US-based GPS system, which is one of the […]