Electric wheelchair buying tips

An electric wheelchair, which is also called as a power or motorized chair could be an attractive mobility solution for differently abled individuals who do not have the upper body strength or arm functionality to operate a wheelchair manually. An electric wheelchair might also ease the burden of the caregiver or even eliminate the need […]

How does an electric wheelchair work?

Electric wheelchairs are an evolution of the traditional hand-pushed manual wheelchairs. Being self-propelled, they grant mobility to users over a wide range of terrains and inclines, with the motor doing the hard work. They also differ from manual wheelchairs in the sense that they feature systems platform beneath the seat. The platform is usually enclosed […]

The pros and cons of electric wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are one the most commonly used mobility aid by disabled individuals. Not only disable, but a huge population of senior adults is able to live an independent life due to wheelchairs. If you use a wheelchair or know of somebody who does, you will understand the difference it makes to easy mobility. While traditional […]

Types of electric wheelchairs for better mobility

The inability to walk at all or not being able to walk long distance can leave one feeling dependent on other for every little task. Nobody loves to live their life in that fashion and this is where wheelchairs come as a ray of hope. Manual chairs were most commonly used for several years, however, […]