A brief overview of degenerative disc and joint disease

When you mention the term degenerative disease, it refers to the gradual deterioration of the body tissues or cells over the years due to the natural aging process. As we age, our spine starts giving in to the stress of providing flexibility and support to our back. The components of the spine start deteriorating slowly, […]

5 popular treatments to manage degenerative disc and joint disorder

Both degenerative disc and joint diseases affect the spine of an individual. There comes a point in everyone’s life where their spine starts getting excessively strained due to the lifelong stress and pressure it endures. This does not happen suddenly; it is a slow, gradual deterioration and wearing of the tissues that causes these spinal […]

4 simple and effective bulging disc treatments

Bulging disc is a degenerative disc disease that is caused by one of the discs in the spinal vertebrae (often in the lower back) becomes weakened and swollen through a spinal crevice and the disc moves from its usual position. This happens over time without any associated pain. As the problem aggravates, the bulging disc […]

5 things you can do to treat bulging disc

A degenerative disc disease, bulging disc affects people in their older age. With age, the discs in the spine become weak as the water content deteriorates. The discs become vulnerable to complications such as bulges. Bad posture, sedentary lifestyle, an injury and occupational hazards such as heavy lifting, bending, standing and driving for long hours […]