Find out if you have been using your inhaler properly

Inhalers are used by people suffering from the various symptoms of asthma, to provide respiratory relief. The apparatus works as a simple pump which is filled with prescription medication, to provide relief from breathing and wheezing problems. There is a proper way to use an asthma inhaler to ensure maximum effect. You might have been […]

4 effective home remedies for treating bee stings

If you have children or you are one of those trekking enthusiasts, insect bites are something that you might be quite familiar with. Some insect bites might cause mild irritation and applying an antiseptic ointment can rid you of the itching and rashes caused by the bite, whereas some insect bites require immediate attention as […]

4 effective medical treatments for providing relief from vicious bee sting

Nature provides us with everything we need to lead a comfortable life. However, there are certain elements which mean more harm than good. Insects are one such element of nature that though are miniature in size can cause great unease. There are instances where people have been rushed to the emergency room because of vicious […]