Overview of endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders are related to the endocrine system which is a collection of major glands that are responsible for the secretion of vital hormones with the help of the circulatory system, throughout the body. Major glands of the endocrine system and their associated disorders include: Pineal gland: This gland is found in the vertebrae of […]

Treatment for endocrine disorders

The endocrine system is a network of glands that produce multiple hormones that control many important body functions. These hormones also possess the ability to change the calories into energy, this energy powers the cells and organs. Apart from this, the endocrine system influences the growth of your bones and tissues, your heartbeats, and the […]

Causes and symptoms of different endocrine disorders

Hormones in your body control vital system signals, which is why endocrine feedback systems work to keep the hormone levels balanced. It is a network of various glands that work together to enable bodily functions like breaking down calories into energy, manage the consistency of heartbeat, bone and tissue growth and also your reproductive system. […]

6 common endocrine disorders that can disrupt bodily functions

The ability of our body to function effortlessly is because of the various parts of the body that work simultaneously to execute even the smallest task. Everything from one’s appetite to the menstrual cycles is controlled by the endocrine system of the body. What is the endocrine system? The endocrine system consists of a series […]

Endoscopy – Its procedure and purposes

Endoscopy is a procedure that requires specialized instruments which help in viewing and operating the internal organs of the body. It helps the doctors and surgeons to view the internal organs of the body without making any large incisions on the body. Endoscopy procedure is performed to indentify causes like abdominal chest pain, nausea and […]