Tension headache treatment using home remedies

Today, most people live a hectic lifestyle and this can take a major toll on one’s health and well-being. One of the most common conditions experienced by millennials and others include tension headaches. This headache is characterized by a tense feeling in the head which goes on to transcend in the form of pulsating ache […]

Tension headache – Causes and treatment

Tension headache is one of the most common types of headaches that people suffer from. It generally causes a mild pain that transcends from the head to the neck and beyond.However, sometimes the pain is excruciating and may have a banging effect. A tension headache is usually described as a feeling of tight band fastened […]

What are the treatment options for different types of headaches

Chronic headaches can often disrupt your daily life and lead to emotional as well as physical stress. If you are tackling with such situations, then you must explore the causes of constant headaches. The best way to start is by consulting a doctor who can guide you properly about the problem. Some of the most […]

What are the common and rare causes of constant headaches

Chronic or constant headaches which occur for more than fifteen days in a month, and last¬†for more than three consecutive months. These can happen in continuous patterns or intermittently. Chronic headaches can become a cause of concern when they start to¬†interrupt your routine life. Typically there are four primary causes of constant headaches Migraine Tension […]