Here’s why video game console industry is still thriving

Long ago, there was a rumor that video game console companies will fade in popularity. That they will disappear from the gaming industry. But, to everyone’s surprise, the craze for video game consoles has been increasing day by day. There has been a constant improvement in hardware and software of video game consoles. Most of […]

A progressive shift from the first game console to new age console systems

First game console or the first generation gaming console has certain defining characteristics that were later on modified and transformed to have a breakthrough in the genre of gaming consoles. If we closely analyze the characteristics and features of the classic video game consoles, we can sum up them as the following: Lack of audio […]

The War of The Gaming Consoles

The world’s best gaming consoles have evolved at an alarming rate, and gamers are spoilt for choices. However, what makes the best gaming console are their features which include their processor, the storage, accessible RAM, etc. Apart from these, customers look for other features that include the size of the gaming devices, and it’s compatibility […]

Tips to buy the right game console

In recent times, purchasing a gaming console has become a great challenge. A host of choices is available in the market which has led to confusion and turmoil. Sometimes, we might have regretted our decisions after the purchase is done. To avoid such blunders, and optimize your research skills, firstly decide on your budget, type […]

Your guide to buying video game consoles

Choosing the right video game console might turn out to be quite a task, given the multitude of options available online. Although there are three video game console manufacturers primarily, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. Each of these brands has a plethora of models available. It is essential to make a thorough video game console comparison […]

Reasons why gaming consoles have retained their demand

As a gamer, the first thing you look around is a perfect and best quality gaming console. For new gamers, a gaming console or a video game console is an electronic gadget that yields a video signal or simply a visual output signal to show a computer game that at least one gamer can play. […]

A brief overview of game consoles

Game station consoles are the devices or machines required to play video games. These machines could be either digital or electronic or even computerized. This game console emits a video signal that helps a person play video games. These game station consoles can be of various types such as handheld game consoles, home video game […]

A brief overview of Microsoft gaming platform

Microsoft launched its first gaming platform, Xbox on November 15, 2001. Microsoft game console was the initial console offered by an American Company. From the time of its first institution until the year 2006, over 24 million units of Microsoft game console were sold. They firmly established as a brand to reckon in consoles. Different […]

Factors to consider when choosing from the popular game console brands

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, etc. comprise the best game console brands in the world. While some gamers might have a clear idea of what they want to get, others might not know so. While the process of researching may appear to be overpowering at first, with the correct research, one can select the one that suits […]

Microsoft game consoles – Features, quality, and prices

Microsoft game consoles are some of the best in the gaming market. These consoles are made with the latest technology and ensure the best gaming experience. Game consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Microsoft Xbox One S are popular for their features and quality. Finest specifications Microsoft added upgrades such as a […]