Features of a cloud-based ERP management software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) management software uses cloud-based platforms over the Internet to offer companies a simple and flexible process transformation. Cloud-based ERP management software handles all business operations from planning, distribution, and manufacturing to quality, compliance, and finance. This software also targets inventory and mobility of your business. Thus, your business is able to […]

Tips for choosing the best cloud computing service

Once you have decided to move your infrastructure on cloud computing, your next step should be selecting a cloud service provider to manage your infrastructure. When choosing a cloud computing service provider, it necessary that you assess reliability and capability of the service provider so that you can plan to entrust with organizations applications and […]

A beginner’s guide to cloud computing

Cloud computing is a combination of hardware and software model that delivers information technology services, whose resources are retrieved from the internet with the help of web-based tools and applications instead of connecting directly to as server. Simply put, cloud computing is a type of computer service that aims at offering services like servers, storage, […]