4 reasons to buy the Google Pixel 3 right away

In a bid to outdo their competitors, smartphone manufacturers have to keep their customers engaged by launching amazing smartphones equipped with the latest technology. Nobody likes using outdated smartphones with outdated technology. Adhering to this inevitable and constant need for savvy smartphones in the market, the formidable tech giant, Google, has decided to give its […]

3 best student laptops to buy this year

With the fall season closing in and schools about to commence in a few weeks, there is no better time to start looking for a new laptop. You can find some fantastic back-to-school laptop deals. However, great discounts don’t necessarily mean that you are selecting the right laptop. Before you purchase one, consider factors like […]

3 popular back-to-school laptop deals

Among various school supplies, the most valuable one for a college student is a good laptop. While investing in a laptop can seem expensive, especially for a student, one must remember that it is an essential device for managing and storing college assignments and projects. Therefore, the user should focus on purchasing a laptop that […]