4 things you should know before using inkjet printers

Inkjet printers use inkjet technology for printing. This technology involves ionized ink being sprayed onto papers. This ink is directed towards the paper using magnetic plates. Inkjet printers were the only choice of printers till the introduction of laser color printers. However, these are still used by homes and businesses as the cost of inkjet […]

4 popular inkjet printers that ace on all grounds

Convenience is what technology offers us, and we seek it with great enthusiasm. Every other machine or device that has been designed somehow finds a way to our house or our workplace, and the inkjet printer is one such device that is now a common sight in offices and homes. Inkjet printers are forerunners of […]

5 advantages of opting for an inkjet printer

Gone are the days when printing important documents was a tedious task. These days, you can help yourself to lightweight, easy-to-use, and fast printers. If you have to print out pages for your projects, or need some crazy prints for your DIY tasks, having a printer at home will save you a lot of time. […]