5 trademark service providers you can choose from

Trademark is a distinguishable intellectual property that gives an individual or an organization sole proprietorship over a product or service. A trademark is usually a name, sign, symbol, or phrase that makes customers recognize a brand, service, or product almost immediately. There are three main categories of trademarks: trademark for products, trademark for services, and […]

4 useful tips to register a trademark for a company

Trademarking your company is essential to help customers and clients identify your services and goods. The requirement for trademark name filing is that your trademark is only for commerce purposes. Additionally, the label should not be the same or similar to another brand or company’s trademark. Once these requirements are met, you can approach either […]

Simple and affordable ways to get a trademark

Trademarks are a combination of unique words, images, or phrases that identify your business and grant intellectual property rights to the owner. While filing and paying for a trademark is not that expensive, you must understand that the attorney fees you incur for legal representation can stretch your finances to the limit. However, that does […]

3 most inexpensive online trademark services

A trademark can be a name, tagline, or logo to give a unique identification to your product or business. Trademarks are a valuable part of the intellectual property owned by a business, which helps in distinguishing goods and services in the same business sector. The cheapest way to get a trademark is to design and […]

4 important things to know before getting a company trademarked

The business name and logo hold a great deal of importance, as they are an essential part of the identity of your business. A meaningful name or logo adds a good touch to the identity of your business. But how do you know if someone is not going to tweak and make it their own? […]

4 tips to help you patent your brilliant ideas

Got a brilliant idea in the middle of the night? Already have ideas to make it a reality? Now that you have an idea and have worked out all the math and are ready to kick start the process. The first thing you need to do is to secure your idea so that someone else […]

3 simple and cheap ways to get a trademark

If you’ve recently established a business, the first thing you must do is get a trademark for your company name. This protects your brand and ensures that no other business can make profits off your sales by starting a similar business with a similar name. There are several ways to acquire a trademark, and here, […]

8 easy steps to patent an idea

Federal governments grant inventors an exclusive right that gives them total ownership over their idea. These grants are called patents and provide protection for a period of time. To get a patent, the inventions must be concrete, useful, and unique. Naturally occurring substances and laws of nature, among others, cannot be patented under any circumstance. […]

Copyright vs. trademark – Protecting your company’s name

With more new businesses launching each year than we can keep up with, creating a unique business identity has become a top priority. Your company’s name represents your image in the outside world. If you’re looking to protect your company name, you’ll come across terms like “copyright” and “trademark.” You may also ask questions such […]