Top 5 SUVs of 2021

Multipurpose SUVs are currently the strongest support of the world of vehicles. They can accommodate office-goers, work crews, children, and adventure-seekers. In other words, it is a versatile vehicle. With such popularity, there are more than just a handful of SUV variants being launched in the market.  Here’s a list of the top five SUVs […]

Top 5 luxury cars to own in 2021

Luxury cars are defined by their size, features, brand, and price. While most of them cost upwards of $60,000, we think they are worth it. The vehicles are packed with impressive design, powerful engines, and an incredible ride experience. Furthermore, there are endless features. The higher the price, the more exclusive the features. Here are […]

5 popular hatchbacks of 2021

SUVs, along with crossover models, have been the hot favorite among a lot of car buyers. However, despite their huge popularity in the car market, SUVs and crossovers cannot compete with the fuel efficiency, smooth handling, and practicality that a hatchback has to offer. Here is a list of the best cars in 2021 when it comes to […]

Top Ford Mustang of all times

Ford Mustang is the most iconic car in the country. For decades this car has given young citizens liberty, pride, freedom, and style, and the 2018 Mustang GT continues to do the same. This is one car that has enjoyed success and adulation for generations. The brand’s fan base is very loyal all over the […]

Top 4 luxury cars of 2021

If you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a car, you must receive the experience and the luxury you deserve. Along with aesthetically pleasing designs, luxury cars are loaded with excellent features that’ll give you a smooth driving experience. So, let’s see the best luxury cars of 2021.  Here, we will take a look […]

5 popular cars that you should know about

Most car reviews judge the popular and best cars based on the following parameters: safety, reliability, road test, and owner satisfaction. These parameters are examined based on strict track tests and extensive surveys of car owners and buyers. Many car reviews also look at the cost of a car before determining its popularity. Here are […]

How automotive brands come up with latest car model designs

Many automotive brands across the globe are known to use modification ideas from their precursors and revamp them to produce latest car models. Here are some factors based on which many automotive companies come up with latest car model ideas. Innovating the brand’s heritage Contrary to popular belief, using the brand’s heritage gives the designers […]