Top multivitamins of 2018 for women

From calcium to vitamin D, women tend to miss out on an array of vital vitamins while engaging in the usual rush. This is all the more relevant for women with dietary restrictions, pregnant women, and aging women. Of course, adding certain foods to your diet will be beneficial, but having multivitamins in addition to […]

Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for working women

Working women today are under great pressure, having to manage both their home and office schedules. Stress is a major health concern, with adverse effects on your body like headaches, stomach problems, elevated blood pressure levels, pain in chest and experiencing trouble in sleeping. Stress is the number one killer affecting all vital bodily functions, […]

Myths about women’s health explained

Saturated media is the leading reason due to which more and more useless myths are being shared, which makes it difficult for people to identify valid and relevant information from the rest. Misleading information about women’s health can cause a lot of confusion and lead people astray. Here are a few common myths about women’s […]

Do’s and dont’s of taking Viagra

Viagra, which burst on to the scene recently to treat symptoms of impotence a.k.a. erectile dysfunction ED), has seen a lot of advertising and has become very popular among men. The drug’s major ingredient is Sildenafil which is said to work greatly towards the so-called good effects of Viagra. It works only during periods of […]