An overview of cancers caused by an HPV infection

HPV or human papillomavirus is passed from one person to another through skin contact. With more than 150 different types of HPV, it is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the country. Most women and men might not show HPV cancer symptoms. However, certain strains of HPV might cause warts on various parts of […]

Common symptoms of oral HPV cancer

One of the most common sexually transmitted infections, the human papillomavirus (HPV) holds the probability of affecting every individual that is sexually active. One of the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI), there are more than 100 different types of HPV and another 40 subtypes. An HPV can affect one’s genital area or throat. It usually […]

4 common challenges that cancer caregivers face

Cancer in any form is quite fatal. It can be treated only when diagnosed in the initial stages. In the later stages, cancer treatments are directed towards managing the symptoms and providing relief to the patient. Life becomes quite difficult for cancer patients as their body starts deteriorating, preventing them from carrying out their daily […]

Four effective tips to be a better cancer caregiver

Cancer is treatable only when it is identified in its initial stages. Once cancer metastasizes, the treatment methods are directed towards relieving the painful symptoms of cancer and limiting its progress. The treatment methods are long term, and the affected individual undergoes several physical and psychological changes through the course of treatment. It is a […]

Know the early signs and symptoms of mouth cancer

Mouth cancer is a type of neck and head cancer that can occur anywhere in the mouth, lips, tongue’s surface, inside of the cheek, gums, floor or roof of the mouth, in the salivary glands, and in the tonsils. The treatment for mouth cancer is the same as other neck and head cancers. Almost 50 […]

Common signs and symptoms of mouth cancer you shouldn’t miss

Mouth cancer is usually identified with all types of cancers that occur in the tongue, lips, gums, cheeks, and throat. It is also a type of head and neck cancer. Like other cancers, it becomes difficult to treat when the diagnosis is delayed, and the cancerous cells spread in the body. According to the study done by […]

Symptoms, diagonosis, and treatment options for mouth cancer

Mouth cancer is caused due to rapid, uncontrolled growth of cells within the local region of your mouth. When cancer starts spreading to other areas of the mouth, neck, and head, the condition is referred to as metastatic mouth cancer. In metastatic mouth cancer, the cells grow out of control due to mutation and destroy […]

Risk factors and preventive measures of metastatic mouth cancer

Mouth cancer is a result of cells growing out of control on the surface of common areas that include your lips, gums, tongue, the inner lining of the cheeks, roof, and floor of the month. Cancer occurs due to certain mutations in healthy body cells, causing them to rapidly multiply and allow cancer to grow. […]

Benefits of genetic screening in prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common conditions that affect men. In this disorder, there is an abnormal multiplication in the growth of cancer cells that go on to form a tumor. The prostate gland is one that aids in the production of semen and it is situated around the male urethra. Typically, prostate […]

Importance of genetic screening in prostate cancer

Today, prostate cancer is one of the most common conditions that has affected men across the world. The prostate is a male gland that carries out the function of producing seminal fluid for the nourishment and transportation of sperm. Cancer is triggered when there is an abnormal growth of cells in a part of the […]