What you should know about functional and mixed incontinence

Functional incontinence is very prevalent amongst the elderly who suffer various other disabilities associated with their age. The common problems these age groups suffer are confusion, lack of mobility, poor eyesight, dementia, depression and poor dexterity. All these debilities hinder their quick journey to the bathroom. Even if they manage to reach the bathroom, loss […]

Types of incontinence and diagnosis

Incontinence means a lack of control over the voluntary urination or defecation. While these functions are normally voluntary or under one’s control, 25-33% of the population is said to suffer from urinary incontinence. The severity of the condition varies from mild embarrassment of leaking urine on coughing to severe inability to control the urge to […]

What you need to know about urge incontinence

Urge Incontinence is a common type of incontinence. The sudden contraction of the urinary bladder causes an acute urge to urinate. The person suffering from it hardly gets time to get to the toilet and the urine leaks uncontrollably. There is nothing one can do to stop the flow of urine. This condition is called […]