Beat anxiety and start living!

Stress and anxiety are often overlooked and are considered as a threat after the levels reach an advanced stage. And when these mental health issues are left unaddressed for a long time, then they can lead towards bigger problems like depression. If you are facing anxiety issues at a higher level, it’s always suggested to […]

Diet tips for patients with depression

When depression comes a calling, there are a number of causes related to it. Poor physical health, trauma, hormonal imbalance and other such reasons may be at the root of it all. Yet, there are a number of ways in which one can effectively deal with and manage the various symptoms of depression. The key […]

Naloxone and its role in treating opioid overdose

Opioids are a class of drugs that are also referred to as narcotics. Pain relievers like tramadol, fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone and even heroin are classified as opioids. Healthcare specialists provide these opioids in the form of prescription medicines to reduce pain in case of a major surgery or injury. A person might also get […]

These are the types of trauma you need to be aware of

Trauma, specifically psychological trauma is a type of damage to the brain that occurs due to a distressing event. It often results in an overwhelming amount of stress, which exceeds one’s ability to cope with it. According to subjective experiences trauma differs in individuals. This might be because of different people react to similar events […]

How a trauma can affect your body

Trauma can be defined as the general emotional response of our human body, to any negative or terrible event. This is the type of response which can be instantaneous or delayed since different people react in distinct ways to a positive or negative episode, taking into account how their brain has perceived the event. Often […]

Best depression treatment; preferred by the patient

Depression is a condition of the mind, and the doctors suggest that the best depression treatment is what the patient suffering from depression chooses for themselves. The treatment that the patient wants the most is termed as the best possible treatment for them. Hence, the best depression treatment is subjective and depends on the patient. […]

4 ways to fight depression

Depression is a condition that can make you feel helpless and alone; you are not. You must realize that no one is in this fight alone and you always have someone who you can talk to. And apart from that, there is also a lot you can do to on your own to fight against […]

How to recover after facing a traumatic event

Trauma is a profoundly distressing event for an individual, as it comprises life-altering situations like serious accidents, the discovery of a terminal disease, loss of a loved one, violent attacks, abduction, natural or human-made disasters, etc. Following traumatic events, an individual can react in several different ways. Feelings of fear, anger, guilt, melancholia, loneliness, etc. […]

7 common causes of trauma you must know about

According to the APA (American Psychological Association), trauma is the emotional response of a person to an adversely negative event. Altered or extreme emotions is one of the most common ways in which trauma gets manifested. Different people have different responses to trauma. While trauma often becomes so severe that people find great difficulty dealing […]

5 Surprising symptoms of depression

Depression is classified as a mood disorder which causes a continuous feeling of sadness, anxiety, and loss of interest in activities that they otherwise used to enjoy. It is also known as Clinical Depressive Disorder. It affects the way an individual feels, experiences, thinks and perceives. It is a common yet a serious medical condition […]