HIV tests and treatment

The human immunodeficiency virus or HIV attacks the immune system. HIV especially targets CD4 cells, which help the immune system fight infections. HIV progresses in three different stages. The last stage is called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS. With HIV treatment plans, it can take decades for HIV to reach the stage of AIDS. Therefore, […]

Steps to lead a better quality life with HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus or HIV can cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or AIDS. Once the HIV enters the body, it is there for life. But with the advancement in AIDS treatment methods, it is now possible to live longer and lead a better quality life than ever was possible with HIV. Now, there are many […]

Understanding HIV and its life cycle

HIV is a deadly virus that directly attacks your immune system. The destruction is beyond repair. People often confuse HIV with AIDS. However, AIDS is the ultimate stage of an HIV infection. So being infected with HIV virus doesn’t mean that you have AIDS. Basically, there are two kinds of HIV HIV-1 – This is […]

Top five causes of HIV

HIV is passed from a person who is already infected to a person who is not. The infection can spread regardless of the fact that symptoms have started showing or not. The HIV virus always needs a host to survive. It cannot survive in any external medium and always gets transferred through body fluids. The […]

Common signs and symptoms of HIV

During the onset of HIV, the symptoms are so mild that they are easily missed. But the disease will constantly grow within you as the virus keeps spreading. Therefore, it is important for you to identify that you have HIV as early as possible. The symptoms vary from person to person, but there are some […]

Ways to get diagnosed for HIV

Symptoms of HIV are not easily detected and may not show themselves for a long time. By the time they show themselves the problem becomes grave. So it is always better to perform an HIV test. People who have unprotected sex from time to time, wand with new partners or with those whom they don’t […]

Recent developments in treating HIV

Doctors can now prevent HIV from taking hold in your body if the person acts quickly. People who may have been infected can take anti-HIV drugs to protect themselves. This is called PEP. But you must start the process within 72 hours of when you were exposed, the medicines can have unpleasant side effects. Although […]