How to select the best orthopedic surgeon for yourself

One’s decision to undergo any major orthopedic surgery is a vital one and not to be trifled with. The rest of one’s life depends on the outcome of the surgery. So, what are the elements that go in making the outcome of the surgery a desired one? The first and foremost thing to check up […]

The birth of modern orthopedics

It was in the 1960s-1970s that modern orthopedics took birth, especially after the contributions of Hugh Owen Thomas. Finally, intramedullary fixations were being done without opening up the fracture. This technology was popularized by the Harborview Medical Center in the Seattle group in the late 1970s. Modern hip and joint replacement The next big step […]

Orthopedics – Recent advancements

Recent advancements in orthopedics made it clear that the lesser the tissues are handled in surgical intervention, the lesser run the risks of infections as well as shock for the tissue, which makes recovery a quicker process. The overall outcome of the patients is also better. ¬†Advancements in the early 20th century In the beginning […]

Advancements in Orthopedics

The world of orthopedics has seen revolutionary advancements right from the very beginning. In fact, many discoveries of the mid-20th century reached fruition in the early 21st century. One such discovery is what is called Bone Matrix Protein or BMP. In 1965, Dr. Marshall Urist, M.D., discovered that decalcified bone matrix induced new bone growth. […]

The evolution of orthopedics – Early orthopedics

It was Dr. Nicholas Andry, a French surgeon, who coined the word ‘Orthopedic‘ when he wrote his book ‘Orthopedie’ or ‘The Art of Correcting and Preventing Deformities in Children’ in the year 1741. The word ‘Orthopedic’ actually comes from the Greek words ‘orthos’ meaning straight and ‘paidion’ meaning child. The subject has not left the […]