Six amazing benefits of feeding canned foods to cats

Food for Feline has become a controversial topic with juxtaposing opinions supporting both Canned edibles and dry kibbles alike. Most veterinarians, however, have started recommending a diet that consists solely of best-canned food for cats instead of dry kibble. Here are some reasons that indicate why Canned food is a better choice than dry kibble […]

Top 10 wet cat food brands to choose from

Are you a proud owner of a cute kitten? Then there are certain things that you cannot miss while taking care of it in the best possible way. The kitten requires the right nutritional food in the right amount to ensure proper health of it. Also, you need to be sure about the water intake […]

A guide to buy the perfect dry cat food

Picking the best cat food in the market can be challenging. Your pet cat has specific nutritional needs, and you need to make sure her needs are met so that your pet does not fall sick. Food market has some brands that make nutritious cat food. But you need to know which food is better […]

How to choose the right food for your cat

Deciding on the best indoor cat food for your kitty is essential, as food is the primary source to keep pet cats healthy. One thing that all cat owners need to understand is that cats are carnivores. They should not be given vegetarian or vegan diets as their nutritional need can be fulfilled entirely only […]

Popular websites to buy puppy food

Every dog has a unique nutritional requirement at different stages of his life. The ‘puppy’ stage of a dog’s life is crucial, and it’s important that its feed boosts its strength and health that it requires for having a strong foundation. Nowadays, different brands and types of puppy foods are available online and offline in […]

Best vet recommended puppy foods

Getting a puppy of your own can be as life-changing an event as having a child. It is gratifying and an enjoyable experience to raise this little munchkin. But be prepared for the exhausting phase of teething, house training, and setting ground rules. Another aspect that you need to understand is that each canine breed will […]

Best cat foods as per customer reviews

To lead a healthy life, cats need nutritious food just as we humans do. The good news is that you can buy cat foods easily for your pet cat, as there are plenty of pet foods available in the market. On the other hand, too many choices make cat food selection challenging. Deciding as to […]

Can a dog have a sensitive stomach – Can choosing the right food help

Just like human beings, dogs with a sensitive stomach also experience an occasional stomach upset. Lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, hyper-salivation, excess gas, soft stool, diarrhea, blood in stool and decreased mobility can be some of the common symptoms. Before you begin searching for ways to deal with the situation and finding the best dog […]