Tips to create an impressive return policy

When it comes to online shopping, all e-commerce portals have a return policy sign. It is an assurance for the customer that they can send the products back to the online retailer if it is defective. Alternatively, the customer can return the product if they are unsatisfied or have changed their mind. If you are […]

How to manage e-commerce returns efficiently

The rise of online shoppers has made the e-commerce industry one of the biggest revenue-earning sectors in the country. Today, many e-commerce players in the market compete to provide top-quality products and services to their customers. They offer various facilities, and a return policy sign is the most promising one. It ensures the customer that […]

Return policies of different e-commerce portals

Return policies are the norms that sellers establish to manage the process by which customers exchange or return defective or unwanted products. Return policies are an extension of the customer service provided by retailers. As a customer, it is essential that you have a clear idea about the return policy sign of e-commerce brands while […]