Potential issues of using a safety harness kit

When you hand over a few things, such as safety glasses or a pair of boots, they can use them properly. However, your fall protection harness safety kit is certainly not one of those things. To an amateur or an untrained eye, the harness safety kit may seem like a jumble of buckles and straps without any semblance of […]

Tips for buying a safety harness kit

Following a study conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, falls account for approximately 39.2 percent of the construction industry’s occupational deaths. With the use of a suitable harness safety kit, these deaths can be prevented. Usually, falls occur into holes on floors, from the overhead platform, or at elevated workstations. Given the importance of a […]

6 benefits of using safety harness kits

Following a study conducted by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the biggest reason for workers getting injured is falling at the workplace. At times, these injuries may level lead to death. However, with a proper harness safety kit, injuries and deaths can be prevented. If a worker’s job demands him to work at the […]

3 safety harness products to consider buying

Safety harnesses are the most important pieces of protective equipment if you are working in the construction industry, particularly at a height. They ensure your safety while working at a height and protect you from falling. With a wide range of options available at safety harness stores, making the right choice may be difficult. Here, […]

Types of protective equipment and selecting the right one

Some professions, such as working as a construction worker or fire-fighter, involve a high risk to an individual’s life. So, it is essential to be careful while being in such dangerous occupations. You need to take precautions and ensure utmost safety. One way to avoid an unfortunate incident is by wearing protective equipment related to […]

Top 4 safety harness manufacturers

Safety harness products are always in demand, especially in the construction industry. People with field jobs in this segment need this equipment daily to stay safeguarded. Today, many companies manufacture these products. So, making a suitable choice may be a tedious task for you. Here, we have listed a few manufacturers to consider while buying […]