A brief history of prayer beads across different religions

The word bead originates from the old Anglo-Saxon word “bede,” which refers to prayer. Beads were first used for religious purposes 29 centuries ago in Hinduism. Soon thereafter, Muslims and Buddhists started using prayer beads. Later, Christian rosaries became prevalent during the Middle Ages. Here, we take you through the various forms of prayer beads […]

Important things to know about prayer beads

If you have been practicing meditation or yoga for a long time, you probably have come across prayer beads. You can find these Buddhist beads, alternatively referred to as Tibetan prayer beads, in sculptures or paintings of Buddha where he is seen holding these beads. Although it is quite a common sight, few actually know […]

3 types of prayer beads that are available online

Most often, prayer beads can be traced back to the middle ages. However, in recent times, they are known to have a universal appeal. At present, religions of almost two-thirds of the population across the globe use some form of beads, such as Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or Tibetan prayer beads. This article mentions a few […]