The most unique collectible gold coins

Gold has always been a valuable investment over the decades. But for gold coin collectors, the value increases tenfold with some of the most valuable gold coins being auctioned for millions of dollars. You will be surprised by the obscene amount of money people out there are willing to pay to get their hands on […]

The most expensive gold coins ever auctioned

Collecting coins has been a hobby for many for generations now. The art of collecting coins and valuable tokens, paper currency is also known a numismatics. However, not many know that these vintage collectibles can one day have tremendous value added to their existing state. Coins, especially gold coins, already have value in terms of […]

A guide to the different types of gold chains

If you wish to look stunningly breathtaking at any event, there’s plenty of things that go into making you look like a diva. Your hair, makeup, dress, jewelry, everything has to be on point. The perfect dress would be incomplete without the perfect jewelry. The emphasis here is on how much people in general and […]

Things to consider while buying a gold chain

This might come across as a hyperbole, but almost everyone guards their precious jewelry with their life. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so are platinum, gold, silver, and every other precious metal on the face of the earth. Everyone loves to indulge themselves at some point of time. Some people go backpacking to the […]

Gold metal detectors – what you need to know

Want to try your luck finding gold in an unclaimed land? All you need is a metal detector. Metal detectors work on the principle of electromagnetism. Every metal (in solid state) has its own electric and magnetic field. Metal detectors have 2 circuits; one circuit, which is connected to a small battery which powers it […]

How gold metal detectors work

There are metal detectors that are specifically designed to sweep search for gold. Gold metal detectors work on the principle of cancelling out mineralization, so whenever you find a metal detector specifically for gold, look for the ground balance. The ground balance feature in the metal detector cancels out detecting minerals in the soil and […]