Top 10 high protein vegetarian foods

Proteins are an essential source of nutrients and amino acids, for muscle growth and maintenance. But you don’t necessarily have to be a non-vegetarian to ensure a proper protein intake, the reason being most protein rich sources apart from dairy are meat or seafood based. Vegetarian substitutes are just as rich in protein compared to […]

Top 10 high protein foods

Protein is a key nutrient for the body being the essential building blocks for the tissue, which also serves as an energy source. Protein is rich in amino acids which is a must have in your daily diet, to prevent protein energy malnutrition. These nutrients are essential for growth and maintenance, for vital body organs, […]

Four high-protein foods that aren’t meat!

When we talk about protein-rich food, we end up listing the non-vegetarian kind. People do have a misconception that only meaty foods are protein-rich and vegetarian foods are not. There are a number of vegan foods that too are an excellent source of protein. We tend to overlook numerous plant-based foods that can be turned […]

Six high-protein foods to add to your everyday diet

Protein plays an important part to build body muscle and provides strength. It is essential that we have a protein-rich diet to avail various benefits. Here is a list of high-protein foods that can also taste delicious and appetizing. Chicken breastOne most common form of high-protein food known to people is chicken breasts. These are […]