Perk up your dorm room with these 4 affordable twin XL sheets

In college, your dorm room would be the closest place you will have to your home. Perhaps, you will share your room, yet it will be your most personal space. Doing up your dorm room is one of the initial steps towards making your stay in the University comfortable and familiar. Whether you are the […]

4 popular twin XL sheets for your dorm or summer camp

The beds of college dorm rooms and summer camps usually have twin XL mattresses. Measuring about 39×80 inches, this mattress is the standard size you will find in your campus apartment or dorm room. Some might even have a twin size mattress, but twin XL is the general norm. While buying things for your dorm […]

5 best comforters available in the market

Comforters are specifically designed to withstand cold temperatures and harsh winters, so that you can get a good warm night’s sleep. They are simple cloths of fabric, with insulation that provide the much-needed comfort and ideal temperature control for you to enjoy a REM sleep. Here are the things you should look out for while […]

What all you should know about Anna Linens?

Like life, your home might seem dull and monotonous if you don’t change your upholstery now and then. Since investing in new furniture every year is incredibly expensive and not feasible. Anna Linens is here to help you out with its beautiful range of home textiles like curtains, sofa covers, table cloths, curtains, towels and […]

Top myths about flannel sheets that need to be debunked

Flannel sheets are a type of bed sheets, which have been produced by rubbing the rough metal brushes on the thick base fabric, made of short fibers. In the making of these highly popular sheets, millions of tiny fibers get pulled away from its base, which makes the surface of the fabric feel fuzzy. As […]

Pamper yourself with cozy flannel sheets from the house of Pendleton

Even though there is hardly any household that doesn’t own different types of bed sheets, the importance of flannel sheets, lies elsewhere. The flannel sheets are much warmer than the regular sheets, which indicate comfortable sleep in the chilly cold nights. There is a host of flannel bed sheets to select from but unfortunately, there […]

How to pick a great comforter

Comforters are not called that without a reason. Soft, fluffy, billowy and light-weight, these essential pieces of bedding make for a comfortable bed and promise a leisurely sleep. When it comes to choosing comforters, there are a lot of choices to pick from and buying one will need a little groundwork on your part. Comforters […]

Choose the right time to buy bedspreads

Your bedroom’s makeover would not be complete if you don’t have the right bedding and accessories to go with the decor. This is where choosing a bedspread becomes an important decision. The abundance of choice does not make it easy and you run the risk of simply picking up something because it’s cheap at the […]

Types of bedspreads and how to choose them

Bedspreads are a decorative covering for the bed that are generally lightweight. These coverings can either be used by itself in warm weather or with a comforter in cold weather. Bedspreads are a great addition to beddings and can aesthetically raise the style quotient of your bedroom. Bought and used correctly, bedspreads can make a […]