Try these easy french decadent recipes

Decadent chocolate recipes feature in most of the cuisines around the world. In France, these are considered as one of the classic recipes made in the kitchen. Here are some of the most classic and easy French decadent recipes that you should definitely give a try. Chocolate crepes recipes This decadent recipe can be complimented […]

Easy french recipes that anyone can cook

French cuisines have a lot of mystery surrounding it. It is matter of esteem and it is likely because all the great chefs specialize in the French cuisine. French cuisine can turn an ordinary ingredient meal into a fantastic spread. The trick here is to make it look extravagant with the simplest of ingredients. As […]

Common questions answered about frozen corn used in recipes

The methods for freezing corn will mainly depend on the type of corn you are using, the recipe for which it is being used, among many factors to be considered. Two distinct ways include freezing corn after it has been cut off from the cob, blanched and cooked as opposed to freeing the entire corn […]

Ten best vegan eggplant recipes

Eggplant is a versatile ingredient which when cooked makes the raw fruit tender to be used in recipes creatively. Here are 10 best eggplant recipes for vegans: Roasted eggplant: A very simple and tasty dish to prepare using a limited number of ingredients featuring the eggplant as the star of the dish. An elegant appetizer […]

Creative use of eggplant in ten mouth watering recipes

Eggplant is widely used in cooking for a variety of recipes. The raw fruit becomes tender once cooked to develop a rich taste with a complex flavor palate depending on the recipe used. The fruit is capable of absorbing different types of sauces and cooking fats, which makes it the perfect choice for a number […]

Cooking with bourbon, interesting recipes you can try at home

Bourbon can be used in a number of recipes creatively for a twist in the classic flavor and preparation method. Here are ten interesting variants of the classic dish incorporating some of the finest bourbon. Chilli with a bourbon twist: If you like chili and also enjoy the occasional swig of aged bourbon, then this […]

How to make rice pudding – A brief description

Rice pudding is a dessert that is prepared in almost every area of the world. The recipe can vary regionally even in a single country. How to make rice pudding depends on the method you feel is the most convenient. Rice pudding has different type of preparation based on preparation method and number of ingredients […]

How to make the creamiest rice pudding

Rice pudding is a savory dish of Asian origin. It is prepared with rice, milk, water, sugars, and other flavor enhancing ingredients like cinnamon and raisins. It is known with different names around the world, with every rice pudding having different method of preparation. Read the following pointers If you are searching for an answer […]

4 popular canning recipes for the chef in you

There are self-declared chefs who will stop at nothing until they have tried every new recipe in the cook book. If you are one such cooking-enthusiast, then you must be familiar with the art of canning. Canning is the process where people preserve seasonal food items with the help of mouthwatering recipes and turn them […]