Effective Ways for Naturally Reversing Diabetes

On a global scale, diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure and disorders associated with the nervous system.Because of several side effects of the medications available for treating diabetes, people with diabetes are often interested in reversing diabetes naturally. Diagnosis/and treatment of diabetes is an enormous industry worth several billion dollars. With the rising […]

4 popular drinks for diabetics

People who have diabetes often struggle too hard to make healthy life choices. Choosing the right drink for diabetics, for instance, never comes easy. While many types of research consider low-calorie drinks and beverages like coffee for diabetics not very harmful, it is often contested. It is a fact that those diagnosed with diabetes must […]

5 drinks that diabetics should avoid

It is important that people with diabetes keep a strict watch on their diet. Since several foods and drinks contain carbs, sugars, and artificially sweetened agents, people with diabetes must exercise caution before choosing foods rich in artificial or added sugar. It is, therefore, important that the drinks for diabetics exclude sugary drinks that can […]

Things you should know about diabetic ketoacidosis

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is referred to a condition which results in an increased buildup of acids in your blood the cause being high blood sugar levels. The condition can become quite severe unless medical attention and a proper course of treatment is administered. Insulin is the main component in your body which signals the liver to […]

Things to know about different types of diabetes

A fairly significant portion of modern populace is affected by diabetes a chronic medical condition that can even prove to be fatal in some scenarios. During diabetes, the insulin level of a human body is affected. Insulin, produced by beta cells in the pancreas, is required to break down the sugar stored in a human […]

Incredible home remedies for diabetes care

Diabetes can be effectively controlled and managed with a few lifestyle changes and by forming some healthy habits. To keep your blood sugar levels in control, you can count on a number of effective home remedies. Following are some of the best home remedies that help deal with diabetes. Basil leaves Basil leaves are rich […]

How blood glucose tests can help you manage diabetes

Diabetes can be a challenging ordeal to deal with, mostly because of the fact that it is a chronic condition, which affects every person in a different way. But one of the best ways to deal with diabetes is by conducting regular glucose tests. Depending on the severity of your condition you might have to […]

5 Symptoms Of Diabetes you should be aware of

Diabetes is the talk of the town at the moment with everyone from the age of Justin Bieber to Al Pacino being susceptible to this sugar monster. Let’s look at what the disease is and what are the symptoms associated with it. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a medical condition where the sugar content in […]

The early 5 signs and symptoms of diabetes

The pancreas is the organ that produces the insulin hormone. This hormone allows the cells to absorb glucose from the food you eat and also helps to store glucose for future use. The amount of glucose present in your blood is known as blood sugar concentration, and this can be higher or lower depending on […]