How to prepare to be a theater artist?

‘The Great White Way’, these four words somehow manage to create a spark in any aspiring, or rather even in an experienced artist’s heart. Performing at one of the Broadway productions is not just a professional summit to scale but it’s an honor, prestigious in every possible way. To land a role in a Broadway […]

The significance of theater

A theater performance can be a tremendously powerful experience, causing you to burst into waterworks, sometimes because of the humor, sometimes because of the sadness. There is no changing, no pausing and simply no stopping because a live performance works beyond your control. Performing arts is usually stereotyped to be something as that is enjoyed […]

History of Broadway theaters

A Broadway performance is a surreal dream for artists, and an unforgettable experience for the audience. And it has been like this for most Americans since 1750, when Walter Murray and Thomas Kean opened a performing arts company on the Nassau Street, which showcased mostly Shakespearean Plays. Eventually the New York theaters took a hiatus […]

Why is theater important for children

Isn’t it true that when you’re a child the world is your oyster! Your curiosity is at its peak, giving you a stepping stone to learn. Children naturally embody zeal, optimism and grit! It’s common to observe how they often get their point across with the use of drama and unique imaginative skills. You can […]