DIY above pool liners

Summer is here again. Opting for above the ground pool for summer time can be fun. You just need to select the right liner for your pool. It might seem a daunting task at first but can be absolute fun if you have all the supplies and installation material in place. With the right information, […]

Types of above ground pool liners

Above ground pool liners have changed with due course of time. A couple of decades ago there was only one type of pool liner and they came only in one type of color other than solid blue. Today there are a variety of above ground pool liners. They come in different colors and patterns. Here […]

Best swimming techniques for people with low or no vision

Swimming is an activity that is enjoyed by all. Swimming is also said to be the only activity that you can never unlearn. Swimming is known to have amazing health benefits. All these are widely known facts. What’s lesser known though is that swimming is an excellent sport for individuals living with vision loss! The […]

Five things to buy after signing up for a swim class

If you are done reading sundry articles about the amazing benefits of swimming, it is certain that you must be excited about incorporating swimming as a part of your daily routine. Merely enrolling yourself at a swimming club is not enough, you must make a list of all the things you need to pack for […]

Popular health benefits of swimming

The US Census Bureau, in a report announced that some two and a half hours per week of a physical activity, aerobic in nature, quite like swimming can decrease the risk of chronic mental and physical disease. The benefits of swimming are umpteen, apart from being a fun filled recreational activity, swimming is known to […]

Five most effective breathing techniques while swimming

Breathing they say is as easy as ABC. Breathing is something that usually comes naturally but when you are under water, breathing and that too correctly, becomes quite a task. If you are a beginner and breathing while swimming makes you nervous, let us help you with some basic drills and techniques. These tips will […]

Reasons why above-ground pool is for everyone!

Come summer and the water baby dormant in the daunting winters comes alive and yearns for a cool refreshing dip. Swimming is by far the best meditative form of activity that soothes the soul and body alike. As much swimming is a delight, installing pools can eat up all your savings. Above ground pools were […]