Ingrown hair removal for the bikini area

Summer or winter, if you are excited about flaunting your new bikini, there is nothing that should dampen your excitement. However, ingrown hair in the bikini area can be a matter of concern for many. The more often you use hair removal methods, the more likely you are to get ingrown hair. And as much as […]

Home remedies for treating head lice

Dealing with head lice can be a painful affair; head lice live on the scalp and the hair shafts. They feed on the blood from your scalp. The occurrence of lice is highly common among children between the age of 7-15. Lice can spread from playgrounds, schools, sports, sleepovers, and other gatherings; you can also […]

Where to get Wen shampoo and its reviews?

Wen by Chaz Dean is a brand/company that produces hair care products does not believe in cleansing the hair the hard way where scalp gets all the harsh treatment with products full of chemicals and lather. There is no lather that the product produces when applied to hair as Wen breaks the myth that lather […]

4 types of bikini line hair removal methods that you could use

Summer is soon approaching and everybody is in the mood of going on a leisurely trip. With the sun shining bright and the trees swaying in glory, there is no other time to hit outdoors. So are you planning to make a trip to the beach or jump in the pool? If you are planning […]

How to prepare before a laser bikini line hair removal procedure

Most women will agree, hair removal is one of the most annoying tasks to carry out. The first thought that comes to mind at the mention of hair removal is ‘pain’, whether it is bikini hair removal or hair removal from other parts of the body. However, with new technologies and developments taking place every, […]

How to choose the perfect haircut for thin hair

People with thin hair are always conscious about their hair style. Choosing a perfect haircut is not that tough if you understand the texture and shape of your face. With some time and research, you can easily find best haircuts for thin hair. Choosing the right hairstyle can be time-consuming if don’t know where to […]

The best hairstyles for short hair

If you’ve cut your hair short, then you’re probably confused about which hairstyle would suit you best. Here is a list of short hairstyles that are perfect for your bob, pixie or other short haircuts you may have chosen. Short layered hair If you are blessed with thick hair, then this style would suit you […]