Details of prostate-specific antigen blood test

Prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system and PSA (prostate specific agent) is a protein produced by prostate cells. Prostate cancer is diagnosed with the help of a PSA test. PSA test is performed by taking a blood sample from the patient. High PSA range indicates cancer or inflamed prostate. So, when PSA […]

4 alarming reasons why blood appears in urine

The human body is wired in such a manner that it can protect itself to a certain degree from various infections and diseases. However, there are instances when the body succumbs to these diseases if it’s stronger than our immune system. Also, certain disorders are a result of some malfunctioning of the organs of our […]

Know more about your hemoglobin A1C test

What is hemoglobin A1C test? You can call this a diagnostic procedure that determines your blood sugar level from the time blood new red blood cells were created in your body. Red blood cells renew in within 3-4 months, so this test usually shows the blood sugar level of the past 3-4 months. This hemoglobin […]

Why should you take the hemoglobin A1C test

Hemoglobin is that one term you often come across when you go for a blood test. These are iron-containing agents (complex protein) you find in your red blood cells that help the body to function by using oxygen. Hemoglobin determines when and how to use oxygen for the body. In other words, hemoglobin’s function is […]

Home remedies and medication to control uric acid

Uric acid, when produced in excess or not efficiently flushed out through the urine, a number of acid increases in the bloodstream. High levels of uric acid in the blood leads to the formation of uric crystals that deposit within the joints. This causes the development of gout, a very painful condition. If the levels […]

Here’s how to improve blood circulation with healthy lifestyle habits

Blood circulation is the continuous movement of blood in the different parts and organs of the body. The circulation of blood takes place as a result of the heart’s ability to pump out blood at a constant rate. An individual dies when the heart stops pumping out blood and blood circulation comes to a halt. […]

WBC count – Understanding the blood count

WBC is white blood cells in the body that is helpful in fighting against infections, germs, bacteria, and virus in the body. It is important to understand how the WBC count works and how it affects the body’s immune system. A normal WBC count varies anywhere between 3,500 to 10,500 in adults. What if the […]

Getting an overview on normal WBC count

WBC or White Blood Cells are present in the body to fight against various infections. These infections can be viruses, bacteria, or any kind of germs that infect the body’s immune system. White Blood Cells (WBC) keeps away these germs at bay and keep the immune system of the body healthy. Also known as leukocytes, […]

Effective ways to lower high potassium level in blood

When the potassium level is too high in blood, it causes the condition of hyperkalemia. Though there are many benefits of potassium in our bodies, too much of potassium can cause trouble. Potassium is an essential mineral that your cells, tissues and organs require. For skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, potassium is highly important. It […]

Home remedies to ease enlarged spleen symptoms

Enlarged spleen causes several complications including infections, blood diseases, liver problems, issues with the lymph system, and the like. Enlarge spleen symptoms are usually treated according to the severity of the condition. While limiting movement can help curb enlarged spleen symptoms for some, people with drastic enlargement may have to resort to surgery. Apart from […]