10 Best South Asian anti-aging creams

The older we get, the younger we would all like to look. As we grow older, the age of cells is primarily visible on the face. Since our skin today is at the mercy of many forces like the sun, pollution and alcohol intake, aging is quicker as well. In your early 30s and 40s […]

The Best Age Spot Removal Techniques

As you begin to age, you will find that your lovely skin also starts ageing and small harmless spots commonly referred to as age spots make their appearance on your arms, shoulders, neck and face area. Suppose you have not taken any precautions to avert these spots from making their appearance, do not despair as […]

Cheap, effective remedies lighten age spots naturally

Have you been discovering that light brown dots appear on your face and hands and neck as you age? Do not panic as they are commonly known as age spots and are triggered by exposure to the sun over the years. They are more prevalent in fair complexioned people and those who spend vacations acquiring […]

How to pick the right anti-aging product for you

As your approach mid-forties, a realization of sorts sets in. You start noticing more changes in your skin hair and body and realize that you probably need to add something more to your beauty routine that a splash of coconut oil and the occasional oatmeal scrub. And while there’s no dearth of anti-aging products in […]

Various treatments for tightening the neck skin

We all are familiar with the Botox treatment and how it has evolved to be most popular treatments for skin tightening. Apart from this, there are other types of treatments, some preventive measures to tighten the neck skin. Here are a few therapies or treatments that can be considered for neck skin tightening: • Ultherapy […]

Cosmetic treatment for aging skin

Getting older is unavoidable and no one really feels good with the transformation especially because the skin tends to loosen up and wrinkle. In this case, both cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic products have proven to work. While cosmetic surgeries and treatment do have some risks, they manage to work for skin aging and make the […]

10 Habits to prevent aging of skin and hair

How many times do we look at our mothers, aunts, and those glamorous Hollywood stars and wonder if we would age like them? As you age, the skin starts to look dry, oily and wrinkled and your hair greyer. Read these tips on how to prevent skin and hair from aging: • Eat a lot […]

Tips to age gracefully

Aging is a slow, natural process. Whether or not one is ready for it, signs of aging like exhaustion, forgetfulness, sagging skin and other bodily changes start showing late 40’s onwards. With advances in medical sciences leading to increased life expectancy, there’s no better time to look and feel better. Here are some great tips […]

Best anti-aging creams for all skin types

Night-time skin routines can be very confusing with different kinds of creams available out there. As you age your skin needs some extra love and care, apart from constant hydration and a nourishing diet, that will give it a boost and make it look naturally glowing. There are a variety of different options for people […]

Sagging neck skin – causes and cure

If it is about the visible signs of aging, then most of us focus mainly on the facial skin than other parts such as the neck. One of the primary signs of aging is the tendency of the skin to lose the firmness. The skin tends to lose the elasticity, which makes it appear saggy. […]