4 GoPros for different recording needs

Have you considered investing in a GoPro camera? If so, you need to understand that just paying for the latest model is not the right way of knowing which one suits your needs. There are a plethora of GoPro cameras in the market, and each of them sports a unique, state-of-the-art spec sheet. So here’s […]

A closer look at the buttons and features of GoPro Hero4

Action cameras are a popular range of cameras trending for recording various physical activities. These cams are great at recording full HD videos and images, waterproof, and fully shockproof. The GoPro Hero4 is the latest addition to the series. Here we are to give you a closer look at the button and the features of […]

Advancements in camera technology

Camera technology is fast changing in consort with digital technology. One is set to wonder how long photography is what it is. There are cameras in market that can take photos in virtual darkness without no light. One could wink and a photo may be taken. High end smartphones are set to challenge DSLRs. Many […]

A brief timeline of cameras and camcorders

The word resulted from the fusion of the camera recorders Cam (era-re) corders to become camcorders. Camcorders, evidently, benefitted from the camera at least for the front end. Development of digital and information technologies were certainly beneficial. American inventor Jerome H. Lemelson, applied for patent for a handheld camcorder in 1977, and it was rejected […]

Advancements in camera and camcorders technology

Digital cameras and camcorders are on the brink of some mind-boggling developments that are taking place in the electronics industry. For instance, changes such as changing the way we take a photo, like shutters being operated at the blink of an eye or simply commanding shoot, are already around the corner. Camera phones are seeing […]

Best waterproof cameras and camcorders in the US

The basic principles of waterproof cameras and camcorders were known for a long time. The first camera was just a dark chamber with a pin hole and this was known as Camera Obscura. The fact that certain chemical responded to light was also known long time back. The first attempt to combine these two principles […]

Buying cameras in deals

We all get a bit over enthusiastic when it comes to great deals that the brands put up during occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter etc. However, to think about it a little, one must carefully look as to why the branded cameras are being sold as hot camera deals’ and sales. Why deals? There […]

Zoom in to the history of camera

The oldest known photograph was taken back in 1826 on a block of Bitumen of Judea, by Nicephore Niepce. The photo was taken using a pinhole camera, which was Nicephore Niepce’s own make on a sheet of paper coated with silver chloride. Unfortunately, there was no knowledge about the removal of the unconverted silver chloride […]

How to find hot camera deals?

The technology in today’s world is much more evolved than it was in the 90’s. Science and technology has given us a lot of room for advancement, and its applications has never ceased to mesmerize us. Communication has been made so easy and convenient. In any given phone, all the basic functionalities which needed separate […]

An insight into waterproof cameras

When the various brands around the world came up with the concept of waterproof cameras and camcorders, Tech geeks and photographers waited in anticipation . What was once a pipe-dream, was about to come true for photography enthusiasts. Whatever they had envisioned of exploring further limits of the environment for photography was now going to […]