3 resume gaffes you can easily avoid

A hiring manager or a recruiter receives hundreds of resumes in a day. Although the recruiter won’t look at each and every resume, some do stand out due to their quality, or lack of it. Your resume is the very first impression that you can make on a prospective employer. A resume is your opportunity […]

Want to make your resume stand-out from the crowd? Follow these tips

A resume is used as the first step in the application of a job. It is the first impression that you make on the employer. Most people think of a resume as a way to merely list qualifications and past job experiences, but that is not enough. Employers are inundated with several applications and resumes […]

How you can make a professional resume being a beginner?

While you can always take reference from the top 10 resume samples on the internet, it gets a little confusing when the references are from experienced resume samples and you are a fresher or hold very little experience, or probably only of some months as an intern. If it gets challenging, you don’t have to […]

Top resume samples and tips

We all focus on the resume more first before we go give an interview. You might be the best candidate for a job but if your resume doesn’t support who you are, then there is a good chance you will not even make the initial screening. The talent acquisition team of any company first screens […]

Make your resume stand out

Finding your dream job may not be as challenging as you initially thought it would be. More and more online portals are offering a variety of services, some even free of cost! Of course, the free plan may not offer all perks compared to the premium one but here are a few things you can […]

Benefits of hiring a resume writer

Writing a resume can be tedious and at the same time, a very challenging process. Knowing what to keep and what to eliminate is a gruesome task. How to make your resume stand out for the recruiters is the big question. But now with professional resume writers who dedicate their time to make sure your […]