Two fun and tasty Jell-O and cream cheese recipes

Cream cheese and Jell-O desserts are the best way to combat the harsh summer days. These desserts are cool, refreshing and surprisingly easy to make. They can be enjoyed at barbecues, dinner parties, birthdays or any time you feel like indulging in a cool, fresh and light dessert. 1. Grape Jell-O and Cream Cheese Fluff […]

Four cream cheese jell-O recipes you will love

Cream cheese and Jello-O make a super yummy combinations. Here are four super delicious recipes to indulge yourself. 1. Christmas cherry and cream cheese jell-O Ingredients 1 packet cherry flavored Jell-O 230g soft cream cheese 250ml aerated cola, chilled 1 cup sweet, dark cherries, pitted and drained Method Cook the Jell-O in boiling water as […]

Three quick and easy Jello recipes

Jello is everybody’s favorite. Be it for kids or adults, it can used to make fun and tasty desserts. Below are a few recipes you must make for a party. 1. Berry and jello parfait Ingredients 1 cup finely diced fresh strawberries 1 package red Jell-O (strawberry or raspberry) 400 grams heavy whipping cream 2 […]

Easy jello recipes for Kids

Everyone loves Jello. The colors, the variety of flavors, the jiggly wiggly texture and the refreshing taste, what’s not to love. Jello is especially a summer favorite and is extremely popular with kids. Here are a few recipes that will be sure to attract the attention of any kid (or adult) around. 1. Blueberry sailboats […]

Make Jello pretzel desserts using substitute ingredients

Desserts are the perfect way to conclude that main course, but not everyone can have one. People with lactose intolerance, different allergies cannot consume certain ingredients which just might be the star of a jello recipe. But there are substitutes which can be used to make the same dessert without compromising its taste and texture. […]

Jello with a twist, making use of interesting ingredients

Desserts are a perfect way of concluding the main course, which can range from many confections in cakes, tarts, cookies, biscuits, pastries, pies, ice creams and many more interesting combinations to choose from. Here are a few different ingredients which can be used in preparing different varieties and combinations of the jello pretzel dessert. Strawberry […]