How is weather formed?

Weather is a by-product of an atmosphere. It is categorized by being hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy. The weather formation is occurs in the lowest level of atmosphere called as troposphere. Weather is a condition that refers to day-to-day temperature and precipitation activity. People are often confused between […]

Weather stations – What are they?

Weather stations are observatory posts that monitor and record weather forecasts, climate, meteorological, and atmospheric conditions of a city or a state. Weather station can either be on land or sea, based on the what geographical area it is intended to monitor. Weather stations at sea measure the atmospheric conditions and climate using ships. They […]

Weather radar and their role in weather prediction

Also called as weather surveillance radar (WSR) or Doppler weather radar, Weather radar, are the ones that are used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion, and estimate its type (rain, snow, hail etc. weather radars that are manufactured nowadays are mostly pulse-Doppler radars. These weather radars are capable of detecting rain droplets motions. They are […]

Into the eye of storm-chasing

Storm chasing came into existence when David Hoadley from North Dakota started chasing storms back in 1956. He used to collect the data (predictions) from weather stations and airport control towers. Neil Ward together with Oklahoma university played a major role in institutionalizing storm chasing. Oklahoma university together with NSSL (national severe storms laboratory) initiated […]

States with extreme weather

The United States of America has been known for its extreme weather. It has areas that are Coldest, Warmest, wettest and driest. Over the past decades, the country has experienced record breaking (minimum and maximum) temperatures and have measured rain gauge brimming rainfall. There are states that have witnessed catastrophic weather conditions. States like Montana […]