3 picture books that make for the perfect back-to-school read

The lovely holidays have ended, and it is time to return to school. Mixed emotions with high levels of excitement and the sad feeling of having to let go of those super fun summer holidays the range is endless. It is indubitably true that theĀ first few days at school set the stage for the year […]

A brief insight on photography as a business plan

Photography itself is a big challenge and requires creativeness, accuracy, continuous and imaginative thought process, and area of expertise. Some of these things might come with experience but one has to have the ability to come up with creative ideas. If you are thinking of taking up photography as a business, then here are a […]

Four popular genres of photography

Every one of us is exposed to photography. Whether looking at a friend’s photo on a social media sites or outdoor advertising campaigns, photography is an arty way of effectively communicating a message. The secret to a good picture is to have fun while shooting it. No matter which genre of photography you choose, every […]