4 steps for creating customized embroidered patches

Don’t know how to make your plain denim look chic? Just add some quirky embroidered patches on them and you are good to go. Embroidered patches are very much in the trend and why would they not be? Apart from being cool, they are also extremely versatile. You can put these patches on uniforms, hoodies, […]

4 things to consider when creating embroidered patches

Embroidered patches pronounce versatility. You can use them on clothing and hoodies to market your brand logo or you can simply add these patches on your denim and make your denim look edgy and quirky. Designing an embroidered patch might get overwhelming if it is your first time and you do not know how to get […]

3 basic types of baseball cards you must be aware of

Every sports card collector will have their own category of baseball cards. It is common for them to categorize the cards according to their preference. Most of the sets that are common for categories of baseball cards have come from a vintage card and the popularity the card carried into this age. As there is […]

3 valuable baseball cards that every baseball fan must know

As a kid, all of us wanted the best of baseball cards and the craze did not fade away even as we grew up. The want for baseball cards does not see an age or era, no matter how young or old you are, you are likely to have a fondness for baseball cards. Most […]

Here’s how coin collecting can benefit you

We all know coin collection is a hobby among many and started back in the fourteenth century by the members of elite groups and royal families. However, gradually this hobby started getting popular even among the middle class with the rising availability and interest in history, symbolism and art. There are a lot of reasons […]

Collecting coins – How it started

Coins are more than just a legal tender or currency for most people. They are memories, histories, symbology, souvenirs, mysteries and because of these things, a hobby and/or business. We all know someone who collects coins as a hobby or who loves to research on coins and is really interested in knowing about different coins […]

4 celebrity coin collectors to be inspired from

Coin collection, or numismatics as it is known, is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. This fascinating hobby of collecting coin requires a lot of patience and a good eye for detail. You have to be quick to identify the value of a seemingly innocuous coin and be obstinate enough to know the […]

3 awesome benefits of making your own birthday cards

Imagine receiving a colorful little envelope inside your mailbox? Unlike emails, getting a personalized birthday card delivered to your mailbox is a deeply personal experience, which makes it all the more welcome to the person that gets it. If you’ve always wanted to know how making your own birthday card helps, here are top three […]

3 famous coins coveted by coin collectors

Whether you are an enthusiastic numismatic or a novice, or whether you are into American numismatics, world coins, bullion or ancients, there are probably certain coins that are you covet than all coins. There are some coins that are the crème de la crème in the world of numismatics. Not only are they significant in […]

The most unique collectible gold coins

Gold has always been a valuable investment over the decades. But for gold coin collectors, the value increases tenfold with some of the most valuable gold coins being auctioned for millions of dollars. You will be surprised by the obscene amount of money people out there are willing to pay to get their hands on […]