Sewing machine maintenance and repair help hiring tips

Sewing machines have helped do away with the inconvenience of needles and thimbles and many other such frustrating tools that were used in conventional hand sewing. Thus, these machines have automated the process of stitching and saved loads of time. Since the time of its invention, the sewing machine has undergone ample changes for the […]

Things you need to know for sewing machine repair help

Who could have not seen a sewing machine? Hardly anyone. It is a machine that can be used for stitching fabric and other materials together with the help of a thread. The first sewing machines are believed to have been invented during the first Industrial Revolution to reduce the amount of manual labor needed to […]

Why you should know how to use a sewing machine

Being a grownup has its own challenges, especially the ones where you don’t have your grandma around to fix that unruly button of your shirt when you’re just getting late for class or work. But isn’t it little convenient to label sewing as something that only your grandma knows! Keeping aside all the stereotypes, possible […]

5 easy sewing machine projects for beginners

Bought a sewing machine? Excited and confused, isn’t it? Commencing new creative projects can often prove to be a perplexing experience. The first question that pops into a beginner’s mind is what should I make with my brand-new sewing machine? And this first attempt is extremely important, as it not only encourages the beginner but […]