Say goodbye to diabetes with some healthy recipes

You can keep your diabetes well under control by sticking to a well-balanced diet including carbohydrates, fibre and fats. The key here is to eat at regular intervals to enable your body to use the insulin it produces and maintain an active lifestyle. You can include special diabetic recipes in your cooking to develop healthy […]

Say no to junk. Here are some healthy recipes for your kids

It will not be a surprise to you if you were told that over one-third of US children and teens eat fast food daily. There are many reasons fast food is so popular among kids as well as adults. For starters, they are quick to make and eat. Fast food tastes good and not heavy […]

Best ingredients for high fiber snacks

High fiber snacks can be a boring substitute that too when you have had a habit of eating guilty pleasure food on a daily basis. The down low with guilty pleasure or junk food is that, even though taken in good quantities because they taste so good, they often leave you insatiate which leads to […]