Quick and easy appetizers for kid’s parties

Planning a party for your fussy little ones, can be quite confusing. With their birthdays around the corner, the anxiety to plan for a lavish party menu can at times give you sleepless nights! What’s worse is when you are short on time. Whether you are running against time or merely lack the inclination or […]

Quick party appetizers for your vegetarian and vegan friends

Parties are great fun when you are the guest but if you happen to be the host, the excitement often gets lost in planning and arranging for the party. Those who hold get together less frequently, mostly find planning quite an overwhelming task. Among other arrangements, food is one of the most integral part of […]

Quick and easy bread appetizers

Bread is that one food product which is found in almost every American household, and it is consumed every day in almost every meal. There might have been times where you would have thought of doing something interesting with that pack of bread that you consume with mashed potatoes and gravy. You don’t need to […]