5 steps to the best peach oatmeal crisp recipe

The peach oatmeal crisp dish combines the best of everything. Delicious to taste and healthy for the body, there is nothing that can get better than this age-old recipe. This dish is primarily prepared from fresh peaches and crisp oats, sounds like a great combination right? The peach oatmeal crisp recipe is not only a […]

5 reasons why the peach oatmeal crisp recipe is a healthy meal

Today, most people are guilty of consuming unhealthy snacks and meals. Binge eating foods like fried chips, chocolates and more have become a part of life. Although the realization comes much later, these foods have a very adverse effect on the body. From obesity to heart problems, consuming unhealthy foods come with a big price […]

How to create a healthy diet plan

Being healthy is a state of mind that is triggered by our various lifestyle choices. This includes choices like diet and exercise. When we indulge in the right kind of diet, we can keep our mind and body in a healthy state. Exercise and other lifestyle choices go hand in hand with healthy food intake. […]

Best diet plan to keep you healthy

Many of us confuse between losing weight with a healthy diet and starving to be thin. Being healthy is all about being at your optimum weight which fits well in your frame. If you have a healthy Body Mass Index or BMI, it’s great. But if your BMI is unhealthy, you need to watch out. […]

Healthy, simple low-carb recipes you must try

In our quest to lose weight, it is imperative that we should not lose sight of the various kinds of food that the body needs. A healthy and balanced diet with that includes all food groups in the right proportion are usually recommended, so that one doesn’t end up having just a few nutrients. Cutting […]

Healthy meal plans that make a happy you!

Eating healthy food in today’s world is highly essential, though there are only a few people who follow this. If you flounder every now and again, it’s not the end of the world, but setting a fixed healthy meal plan will help you benefit from a cholesterol-free or low-cholesterol diet. If you are planning for […]

Flavors and colors: Healthy Mediterranean Recipes

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most colorful cuisines from round the world. All it’s flavors add to its amazing look, and of course its mouth-watering taste. Here are two recipes, which aren’t just healthy quick bites, but tasty all the same. 1. Mediterranean Turkey meatballs with herbed yogurt sauce Ingredients For the meatballs: 1 […]

Easy-to-fix simple diet meals for a healthy you

You may have followed different meal plans in the past, but the feeling of deprivation might have made you lose interest midway. This set of simple diet meals have been carved in such a way that those famished thoughts would never come up to your mind and you can continue consuming them with ease. Also, […]

Healthy vegetable recipes to tickle your taste-buds

Though vegetables are one in the list of healthy food items, we seldom crave for those. Vegetables are power-packed with vitamins and minerals that our body needs to stay healthy and energetic. It is a good source of fiber and significantly low in calories. Also, they reduce the risk of many diseases like high blood […]

Healthy diet to control the cholesterol levels

Maintaining a low cholesterol diet can be a challenge, especially if it means cutting down on your favorite food. However, if you have set your mind to nourish a healthy heart, there are many alternatives, which can delight your taste buds and cut down the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in your body. And […]