5 hay fever symptoms you should watch out for

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is the fifth most common allergies to affect people in the United States. It can be either seasonal or perennial. Seasonal hay fever is caused during the time of the year when it the season of pollination for specific plants. Perennial hay fever can occur at any time […]

5 simple home remedies to cure hay fever symptoms

Hay fever is an allergic reaction to pollen and dust. It can be seasonal, that is a person suffers from hay fever during a particular season. For instance, some people may show hay fever symptoms due to an allergic reaction to tree pollens that permeate the air during spring. Or some might be allergic to […]

An essential guide to fever temperature chart and fever blisters

You recall ever feeling like your body is placed into a blast furnace and being soaked with sweat all night? We have all been there. Being under the weather and down with fever might not be a thing to worry about, but it is important to know about your temperature and know when you should […]

A brief guide to Fever Temperature Chart

Having a temperature is something most people are well acquainted with. Fever, you might have noticed, is harmless. But if it stays with you for a long time, then that should be something you should be bothered about. So, how do you come to know that you have a fever? It is simple. Use a […]