Curing post-nasal drip from the roots

In post-nasal drip, the mucus that is supposed to come out from your nose, drips back to the throat. It causes cough, sore throat, runny nose and harsh voice. The Internet is filled with information on remedies and over-the-counter treatments. Though most remedies when rightly done give effective results, but they are not the permanent […]

Understanding causes to treat post-nasal drip

Post-nasal drip is a condition that comes under Otorhinolaryngology. Otorhinolaryngology deals with conditions related to ear, nose and throat (ENT) and parts of head and neck. When excessive mucus is produced by the nasal mucosa, it gets accumulated in the throat or behind the nose, causing post-nasal drip. Mucus is an important substance in our […]

8 ways to cure nasal congestion

Nasal congestion happens when nasal tissues, contiguous tissues, and veins end up plainly swollen. They have an abundance of liquid retained which brings about a “stuffy” feeling. Nasal congestion might occur along with a “runny nose.” The reasons behind nasal congestion are cold, flu and allergies. Nasal congestion is also referred to as the stuffy […]

Best ways to get relief from nasal congestion

If you are suffering from a nasty cold, look no further. In this article, we present some simple cold remedies that will provide you with relief from nasal congestion. Have loads of fluids: Not many people know that drinking lots of water and other fluids keeps the throat moist. This keeps excess mucus secretion in […]

How to find relief from nasal congestion

Nasal congestion can occur when the nasal passage membranes or tissues become swollen and irritated. The inflammation and the excess fluid in these membranes cause the nose to feel stuffy. It can occur due to a sinus infection, common cold, flu or allergies. Usually, the symptoms of nasal congestion clear up once the underlying cause […]