Causes and signs of stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcers are also known as gastric ulcers. The sores in the stomach lining cause the pain. This ulcer comes under the peptic ulcer disease. Stomach and small intestine, both get affected in peptic ulcer conditions. Our stomach has a thick layer of mucus that prevents the stomach from getting affected by the acidic digestive […]

6 common ways to reduce stomach gas pain

Several gas-producing foods are a common source of discomfort and unease for many. While these cause bloating and indigestion in some people, it may give sleepless nights to those who are easily prone to stomach gas pains. Stomach gas pain is a cause of anxiety and constant worry for several individuals as it makes curbing the […]

6 most popular stomach gas pain remedies

Stomach gas is a common symptom that is caused primarily by the type of food we eat. While some food items contribute to the production of gas and acid in the digestive system, some food items are easily digestible and alleviate gas pains. The trigger foods for gas vary for every individual. It is therefore […]

Babies and constipation – Causes and cure

Infant constipation is not very common. However, babies who are bottle-fed are more prone to get constipation than the ones who are on breast milk. This is because some babies might be allergic to some of the ingredients or nutrients in the formula milk. Therefore, it is important that the parents are careful if the […]

Different ways to heal stomach ulcer

Have you ever felt that fatigue along with pain in the chest and upper abdominal pain? It could be one of the stomach ulcer signs. It is not always easy to identify the stomach ulcer as the signs could also be of acidity or other similar common stomach related problems. Another name for stomach ulcer […]

5 Simple remedies to treat constipation in babies

Babies and constipation is a dread for all parents. If your baby seems to be straining or you can find hard pellets on the baby’s diaper, then it is assign of constipation. In such a case, make sure first to consult the doctor immediately. On the other hand, there are several remedies that can offer […]

5 diet tips to follow when you have gastritis

Often mistaken for indigestion, gastritis is a more serious version of stomach disorder. Although the symptoms of gastritis are similar to those of indigestion, it is caused by a bacteria known as H.pylori as opposed to a diet that may cause indigestion. However, diet can aggravate the symptoms of gastritis. So, it is necessary to […]

5 foods to avoid when gastritis strikes

Gastritis is caused by the inflammation of the stomach lining. The immediate effect of this is upper abdominal pain or discomfort, which can be occasionally accompanied by vomiting, nausea, or stomach bleeding. Gastritis can range from mild to severe. Mild cases of gastritis go away in a day or two with self-care, which involves being […]

Constipation and its causes

Constipation is a condition of the digestive system due to which an individual faces difficulty in bowel movements. It generally means tougher or lesser bowel movements than normal. Causes of constipation can vary. Generally, when the food we eat passes through the digestive tract, the colon absorbs more water from the food. As a result, […]

Common causes and treatment of constipation

Constipation occurs when you face difficulty with bowel movements. Under constipation, your bowel movements are tough and happen less frequently. It is not a serious medical condition, but can make you feel uncomfortable during the course of the day. Why you need to address the problem Apart from the discomfort associated with constipation, there are […]