Benefits and withdrawal rules of 401(k) plans

What is an individual or a solo 401(k)? Also called as Uni-401(k) plan, an individual 401(k) plan is an Internal Revenue Code (Section 401) approved a qualified plan for retirement which is specifically designed for self-employed or sole-owned businesses. Similar to traditional IRAs, this plan offers cost-effective and tax-efficient investment options along with a few […]

The Best 401(k) Retirement Plan Practices

A 401(k) retirement plan is one of the best tools for working people and employees of a company for creating a secure retirement fund. For employees, the advantages are pretty obvious earnings and contributions to the 401(k) are tax deferred and secondly, employers tend to provide matching contributions to the 401(k) account (ranging from 0-100% […]

An overview on individual 401(k) plan

A 401(k) is a deferred tax saving plan where the employees of an organization/business save a part of their salary in 401(k) funds, for which she/he will not be required to pay taxes until the age of retirement. Here, both the employer and the employee will be allowed to make contributions into the fund. An […]

Few misconceptions cleared about 401(k) Retirement Plan

Not all 401(k) plan participants are completely educated about their 401(k) plans and really do have a lot of misconceptions about it. So how much do you really know about your 401(k) plan? Let’s find out. The entire 401(k) account is mine when I quit the job: This is one of the biggest mistakes one […]

Here’s what you should know about your 401k

The 401k is one of the most widely-used retirement savings accounts. It is established by the employers for their employees to meet their retirement goals. 401k is eligible for tax benefits as it is a qualified plan. As of 2017, under the 401k plan, the maximum pre-tax contribution that an employer or any person can […]