Mycosis fungoides – more than just a skin rash

A rash can sometimes be more than just an annoying skin problem. It could be a sign of something more concerning, e.g., mycosis fungoides. Although rare, this condition is a form of blood cancer that causes T-cells, which is a type of white blood cells, to grow out of control. The uncontrolled growth of cells […]

Top 4 skin tighteners in the market

The skin is one of the most delicate parts of the body. The skin has an amazing tendency to repair and protect itself from the stress it goes through due to our hectic lifestyle. However, as one grows old, there is a decrease in the natural elements of the skin such as collagen and elastin. […]

4 most effective skin tighteners in 2021

As a person grows older, the spots and wrinkles on their face get more attention than anything else. And to add to it, there is another significant issue: saggy skin. The primary reason for this is the lack of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for youthful and firm skin.¬†In all honesty, the process of […]

Tips to choose the best skin care products

Managing acne and dealing with acne-prone skin requires great patience. Apart from identifying the cause of the problem, you may have to go through an excruciatingly lengthy process of trial and error to get to the right type of acne skin care products that can help your case. While for people with mild episodes of […]

4 popular acne skin care products for sensitive skin

One of the most common skin problems all across the world is the coming of¬†godforsaken acne. While we may believe that the problem is largely associated with teens, the truth is that these breakouts may recur at any stage in your life. Since dealing with breakouts do not get easier with age, a good way […]

All you need to know about skin tag removal home remedies

Are you fed up of the skin tags on your body and are looking for a painless skin tag removal home remedy? If yes, then you are not the only one. Almost every person at some point in his or her life develops a skin tag on his or her body. Though these tags do […]

A quick guide to skin tag removal home remedies

Skin tags are the useless flap of skin you might find in your neck area or around your eyes. Though fortunately they are benign and you need not worry about them causing any disease, they are still annoying, and you would want to get rid of them. Skin tags can develop almost anywhere on the […]

4 effective home remedies for curing MRSA staph infections

With the progress in the field of medical science, the mortality rate has lowered considerably. This progress is deemed necessary since the disease too has evolved since they have become immune to the medications which used to cure it once upon a time. The Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA as they are commonly known is […]

MRSA infection- Causes and Symptoms

There are instances when even after maintaining a perfectly healthy lifestyle people fall prey to diseases. Though the immune system does a commendable job of protecting the body from malicious disease-causing agents, some of them are strong enough to pass through it. These infections become more formidable when it becomes immune to the very antibiotics […]

How to identify and treat poison ivy rash with daily use products

An allergic reaction to poison ivy is not uncommon in the country, with staggering statistics of 85 out of 100 people suffering from its symptoms. The the fact that many people are unable to identify this plant leaf raises questions and concerns at the same time. Symptoms of poison ivy are not so severe and […]