Why minibikes are not innocent toys?

Minibikes, often treated as such, are not toys. Even the tiniest, cheapest, petrol-powered bikes can achieve speeds of at least 40 km/h. Their electric counterparts however typically can not exceed 10-25 km/h. Road laws vary by country and sometimes by state. For the most part minibikes do not meet the requirements to be deemed road-legal. […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about online bike sale

A UK based retail bike chain that owns about fifty physical bike stores along with a large online store, in a recent survey revealed that 27% of riders preferred buying their bikes online. The stats are similar here and in other parts of the world. A large chunk of enthusiastic cyclists have begun to buy […]

Popular types of 3 wheel bikes for adults

If you missed riding bicycles as a child and regret it each day, cheer up! You can still learn to ride a bike all by yourself. The invention of the adult tricycle, made riding bikes for one and all super easy. The three-wheeled craftsmanship has helped newbies, people with physical challenges and senior citizens get […]