5 medical alert systems for seniors to choose from

Medical alert systems or personal emergency response systems (PERS) help provide emergency assistance to the elderly. These devices with emergency call buttons for seniors are designed to alert medical personnel in case of an emergent condition, apart from alerting the family and/or caregiver of the patient. In times of need like this, it is essential […]

5 low-impact exercises for seniors

Low impact exercises is beneficial for seniors as it helps in stretching and strengthening muscles, thereby reducing stress and preventing injury. It also helps in lowering one’s blood pressure. Let us look at some of the exercises for seniors that are low impact and can be performed by them easily. Walking It is one of […]

Nations that deserve respect for recognizing and regulating senior caregiving

Caregiving is not only a job; rather it is a service towards humanity. A caregiver can provide services to someone suffering from some kind of disability or an aged person unable to manage his or her daily chores. Here are some of the countries that recognized the importance of caregivers, most notably senior caregivers, and […]

What to expect from senior caregivers in old age homes

With an increasing number of aged people in many societies across the world, there is an emerging need for senior caregivers. A caregiver helps elderly people manage their daily activities, such as hygiene and medication. Over and above helping aged people, a caregiver also aids people suffering from some kind of disability, disease, or mental […]

Evaluating a senior housing community

Deciding to live in a senior housing community will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Depending on the type of senior housing you have chosen, there are both advantages and disadvantages of moving to senior housing. It can mean that you can live in a suitable and secure environment without being a […]

How to save money on senior housing

Senior housing is one of the best retirement options for you as you age. Not only will you be able to live on your own to a level that suits you, you’ll also have help available for you whenever needed. Though there are several programs to ensure that you get cheap and affordable senior housing, […]

What are senior living apartments?

As we grow old, we tend to rely on certain amenities that are not conveniently available in an otherwise regular apartment in the neighborhood. Care and service is more than just a liability as we grow old. Senior living apartments are communities that offer low maintenance low income based apartments that cater your housekeeping and […]